Refinery features artisan coffee, imported and important. It replaced Figaro's spot in Joya Towers fronting Rockwell Power Plant Mall. Parking was scarce. You can park outside the cafe itself, or across (in front of 7-11). All in all about 5-6 slots. Parking attendants or local traffic enforcers will issue a parking ticket. Most of Refinery's customers come from nearby establishments, and about half were foreigners when we visited. So expect some subtle layering of importance among guests.
Outdoor dining was not just for smokers. Some just prefer the sunny scenery and breeze.
Inside, tall ceiling welcomed guests. Wooden panels added solid masculinity and a "serious-about-coffee" feel. All the caffeine related items, beans, syrups, mini machines, paraphernalia, and pairings (cupcakes) all speak volumes on how Refinery loves their Lamill Coffee.
The busy counter was filled with trays of pastries, pressers, menus, flyers, knick-knacks.
The array of different sized tables and various sets of chairs offers the casual, relaxed vibe, perfect for slow eating, chatting, pondering or just pissing away your time.
Croissants and cupcakes. They accept Bitcoin!
Refinery Menu
Refinery Menu
Refinery Menu
Utensils placed in a small tub or large cup of sort.
Hot Tea: Php160/pot
Salted Caramel Latte: Php155
Banana Nutella French Toast: Php335
Salmon Benedict: Php350
Refinery Benedict: Php298

  • Since I don't do coffee, we ultimately came here for breakfast. I've been prone to try every Eggs Benedict dish I can get hold of, unfortunately, Refinery's fell flat. Apartment 1B's Eggs Benedict still wins over all. Although it's cheaper, Refinery's offering was half hard muffin, half hollandaise. Prepare to swallow moulds of them. The peck slices of salmon and prosciutto got lost in my throat. The side salad was great! Best thing on my plate. Too bad when I asked them to have my dish for take-away instead, they left out the salad, gggrrrr! I kinda paid for those too.
  • Anyway, will definitely not be coming back, unless I miraculously start craving artisan luxe coffee.
G/F Joya Lofts and Towers
Joya Drive, Rockwell, Makati
Tel: 7810344

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