Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga

Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga or the Balanga Plaza has become a tourist spot of some sort. On the left is the Balanga City Hall, by the middle is The Plaza Hotel, and on the right is a mall with scenic elevator. According to the mall guard, it was built around 2012. No wonder it looked well-made and planned. The Spanish colonial facade is the obvious marvel, looking like some foreign cluster of buildings sprung in the middle of this quaint Bataan town. And it deserves to be the center. Facing the Plaza is the Saint Joseph Cathedral.
The Galleria Victoria Mall (right wing) has no name outside. Or if there was one I didn't see it. Restaurants occupy all first floors. Mostly fast food. 
The scenic elevator allows guests to enjoy the view while moving up. Somehow it has no or very limited AC. During our visit there were brown outs almost daily. It was approaching summer after all.
Across the plaza is Saint Joseph Cathedral. 
Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga at night. Capitol Drive, one of the city's commercial roads, starts (or ends) at the Plaza. Tricycles usually rate for Php10 per person when you travel around this area.
Galleria Victoria Mall Scenic elevator
Muilti-colored water fountain becomes the instant attraction each night. Colors change from blue to red to green. The exquisite architecture provides the perfect backdrop for the fountain. People gather to hang by the steps or on scattered benches. Fountain closes around 9PM.

Plaza Mayor de Ciudad de Balanga
Balanga, Bataan

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