Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Passport Renewal / New Application Process

DFA Passport application's preliminary process now starts online. Gone are the days of falling in line while basking in sweat (yours and everyone else's), while dodging illegal fixers left and right. Now you can sit inside an air-conditioned mall, wait for your turn as you sit on their pre-appointed seat depending on your chosen schedule. Sounds snappy right? Yup, until you get there. They say people are never really satisfied. But with the government, we should demand more. With all the fees we pay, compared to the service we get.
 We scheduled for 3:30PM in DFA Alabang. It's actually at the 4th floor of Metro Mall (connected to Alabang Town Center), but the entrance is at 3rd floor. When you arrive, there's bound to be a long line zigzagging its way across kitchenwares, plates, and pots. Watch your kids that they don't knock over those chinas.  Around 4PM we were allowed to go up the 4th floor. Only those with scheduled appointments (for 3:30PM) will be allowed entry. 
We're kinda surprised that batch 2:30pm, and 3pm were all still there, waiting in their designated seats. Scenario pictured above was taken around 4:30PM.
 Around 5PM we were able to get inside. The first step is quick. They will check your form and printed appointment, then will stamp your papers with some application number. If you have no xerox of your current/expired passport (for renewal), they will ask you to xerox it (Php6 per page). There's a copier machine in the area. Then off to the long rows of waiting area. Prepare to wipe all dirt away from the seats, as you will be guaranteed to sit in all of them LOL. This is Step 1 Processing: Verification. Your papers will be checked here. Sadly there are only 8 counters. Considering the amount of people and amount of money they get each day, surely they can splurge for 20 counters to accommodate the hoards of people that come each day.
 After around 40-minutes, we finished with Step 1. Step 2 Cashier is payment. There's no line at all haha figures. Anyway, that's the best part. Passport new/renewal fees: Php950 for regular (20days), Php1200 for express (10days). Then proceed to Step 3 Encoding: Photo and Documentation. The end of line usually starts outside (photo above). Once you get in, you get to wipe another long rows of seats with your ass hehehe...
Step 3 Encoding also only had 8 counters. Unfortunately 3 were closed, and 2 were designated for those with kids and senior citizens. So only 3 active counters for adults in-between. Here, your papers will be documented, your photo taken (there's an SLR cam per stall), thumb marks and signature taken. Don't worry if you look like the undead (glaring light, the real #nofilter), everyone manages to look ugly for their passport photo. If you want your passport delivered, you can proceed to LBC counter and pay Php150 per passport. Even if you have 2 or more passports to be delivered in the same address, you still pay Php150 each. Time out was 7:40PM. Took us 4 hours all in all. 

  • Make sure to bring food. There's a vending machine of some sort on the 4th floor, and perhaps some food for sale, but it was closed when we were there. Guards will not blame you if you eat while waiting.
  • It could get cold after a while so best to bring some wrap or sweater. You can get awfully bored so take your tab with you so you can play games.
  • The obvious, double check your documents. Some people were asked to return when they had problems with their birth certificates, IDs, etc.
  • Lastly, be armed with patience and just enjoy what you can. At least you're seated, and there's AC. Keep your stub/receipt. You'll need it for claiming your passport.

DFA Passport Appointment System


  1. how many days did you received your passport?

    1. Hi renz17, my passport was delivered exactly 20 days after (as stated on my claim stub), via LBC :)

  2. Hi, did they look for supporting documents (the ones listed in the DFA website)?

    1. Yes, you have to bring all required documents or you may not finish the application process.

  3. hi. how many days was the soonest possible appointment date were you able to schedule and secure?

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