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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Clark Land

Clark Land inside the Clarkfield Zone, Pampanga is one of the fairly recent spots to visit in the City. Included in the park are everything dinosaur - Dinosaurs Islands, Jurassic Jungle Safari, 7D, and Dino World of Fun. Located at the far end of the Freeport, nearing one exit gate, Clark Land is best to be visited with your own vehicle. You can ride a jeepney from the Terminal outside Clarkfield gate (near SM) and you will be dropped off right at the Clark Land entry. But getting back, you would have to walk about 2-3km to get to the intersection where jeepney routes pass.
It's quite serene, with the hovering trees and paved pathways. Mind some local kids and vendors by the entry, selling items and playing.
As you enter, you will walk past food stores, souvenir shops, dining hall area, toilet, ticket booth, and entries to all attractions.
Entrance to 7D
Gate to Dinosaurs Island
Ticket Prices:
Dinosaur Island: P350 
• Jurassic Jungle Safari: P150
• Adventure Ride: P100
• 7D Super Screen: P150
Dinosaurs Islands and Jurassic Safari tickets
When you enter the gates, you're free to roam around the park, just follow the path. It's like an open haunted house. The robotic dinos have sensors and will shriek when you get near.
Prepare to let out the wimp in you to enjoy this ridiculous park. Granted, the dinos were life-like, including the size, and they roar like they'll chase you down the field.
This hut displays some dinosaur fossils
It's fascinating, albeit a bit too late for adults to serve as any significant lesson. It's nonetheless a good source of feel-good enjoyment and boredom killer. Kids will probably benefit from the history/science lesson.
This tall dino can be fed for Php20. I didn't even ask what it eats because it doesn't. Turns out you can walk up to his level, feed him some herbs or plants and get your photo taken LOL.
This sucker scared the sh*t out of me. Sometimes you terrorize your own mind, add the unreal sounds of extinction and a slowly-getting-mysterious jungle park. I walked real fast to avoid getting nuts.
Basically the dinos are positioned hiding behind some tall plants.
This family pack induced goose-bumps as they nod up and down, slightly move left to right. If you take your photo with your back behind them, have fun feeling foolish for thinking they will jump you.
Entrance to Dino World of Fun
This one has some liquid effect
Although it's ridiculous and sort of embarrassing that we all pretended the dino was real, people still took photos of it as it danced to modern tunes and gave innocent babies traumatic experience by going inches from their faces.
Entrance to Jurassic Jungle Safari ride
The train hehe... It was all fun, even with the pink. It's decorated for kids obviously, but designed to contain adults as well.
The train cabs run along a rail and goes around an area. You know the dinos will come get you!
It is quite scary when you let it get to you. Eventhough it's all pretend haha! people screamed for their lives when the fake dinos came in to bump your cab and try to stick its head inside.
Dino head damn it
You see them sneaking from the left. Always. Make sure you sit on the right side.
For Php150/person/ride, it's amusing and hilarious and that makes it worth it.
Toilet for male and female
Dining area for all

Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga
Tel: (045) 499-3033

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