Yabu took Manila by storm with its super yummy katsu dishes and innovative bento plating. Add the Yabu ritual that spells exclusivity and fun - then we've got an instant winner that patrons get addicted to. This is one of my go-to restos when I'm super hungry and with no time to scrutinize new restos whether they're worth the calories or not; or when I just want good, filling food that's reasonable priced.
Yabu in MoA is currently renovating.
Yabu's branches have the same interiors. from the anime comic wall, to the yellow slats ceiling, the black background and sake displays.
People don't get tired of waiting during peak hours just to get a table. If you come alone or by two, you get fairer chance of seating sooner. Groups often have to wait for larger tables.
Sake Wall
Servers wear black and are quite fast-paced with navigating the resto.
Yabu table condiments. This includes the items you need for the 'ritual'. Black and white sesame seeds are served after ordering. Pounding of seeds to follow.
Chopsticks are standard, but can ask for spoon and fork if you need.
Black and white sesame seeds
Moist towel
Chicken and Seafood Katsu Set: Php475
Menchi Katsu Set: Php350
Refillable set (rice, miso soup, cabbage, pickles, fruits): Php100
Orange Juice: Php75
(complimentary) House Tea
Goma Sesame Dressing - love this with the cabbage

Yabu is awesome! Critics are right with the best katsu in town. But more than that, it's the overall feel of Yabu that entices. It's quick-paced with the rumble of people eating, yet the abundance of food and endless chatter is calming and leaves you happy!

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