Tanjay Mangrove Boardwalk

The Tanjay Mangrove Boardwalk in Negros Oriental was a hidden gem we stumbled upon while joyriding along the outskirt roads from Dumaguete. The long and elaborate boardwalk was quite impressive, as it traversed among the mangrove trees and plants, above the shallow waters. You'd feel like you got lost in a manicured paradise, leading to the open seas. Very interesting and visit-worthy.
At the time of visit, this is the welcome sign showing the map of the mangrove forest.
Notice to the Visiting Public rules
And the board starts off with this gorgeous view.
Wooden planks and concrete 'tree trunks' as posts
One can see the mangrove and ocean merging from a distance.
One interesting point is that the boardwalk is not a single path. It branches out to few directions.
This one, hopefully, already has a restaurant built at the end. But during our visit it had halted construction and was still pending. Dining here would be awesome. The breeze and serenity will ease your sanity.
The heat will also get to you. Some parts have no covering. The trees were hit and miss with the shading. But the coolness of air was refreshing.
This is the end of the boardwalk. Waves come in crashing from a distance as the mangrove stretches to the ocean for a meet.
If you've got time, make a leisurely stop at the mangroves. It's a bit hard to find. I'm hoping now there are road signs to its entry. And gift shop, restaurant, etc.. It's an additional tourist spot for Negros Oriental.

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