Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mabini Mansion

We found Mabini Mansion due to the urgent need of a place to stay. Searching online for the cheapest rate around Malate area, we decided to give this hotel a try. It's one of the few that's below Php2000. We skipped Tune Hotels Ermita as we've stayed there already. Mabini Mansion Deluxe Room goes for around Php1680 per night, no breakfast.
Too bad the photos from their website looks nothing like the real thing, but those were the exact photographed locations. Must be the lighting and tons of editing.
But in all fairness, the place was clean, albeit old looking even after minor renovation. One of the staff said that the building used to be an old apartment/condo, which explains the en-suite kitchenette and living area. The room we got was actually bigger than standard studio condos these days.
Upon entry, guard will ask if you have a room already or will you be checking in. Good in terms of keeping off those with no business in the hotel whatsoever. Hotel resto is to your right, almost always vacant. I bet everyone orders room service, as we have our own dining areas.
After paying and sorting your room at the concierge, an attendant will accompany you to your room. Corridor is bit outdated. Got me quite confused whether I see dirt or just old stuff.
Still using the sturdy standard key for rooms.
Our room have this living area with some decors (framed paintings). The tube pillow is somewhat fading or just dirty. The place looks ok, but there's a feeling of uneasiness; like you know a bunch of old dirt and dried virus are lurking in the corners.
Kitchenette. Came in handy actually. Complete with utensils, plates, pans, knives, etc.. Everything is accounted for and will be checked before you get cleared to go.
TV, bathroom, closet, kitchen
Kitchen drawer. Don't mind the peeled paint. Kitchen counter is granite.
Make sure to run utensils under hot water before use. I'm glad they used soft lights, made the place look cozy.
Twin beds. Don't ponder too much on the sheets' cleanliness. It may or may not be newly washed. You'd never know with the color. But everything was in order. No bugs or roaches.
Hot water works, which was great. Full-on tiled wall.
Lavatory counter with mirror. No bidet. Complimentary soap and toiler paper roll.
Mabini Mansion Room Service Menu
Mabini Mansion Room Service Menu
Sinigang na Baboy: Php330
This is just 1 order, but they split it in 2 large bowls. I appreciate their quantity, definitely for sharing. The chilis, calamansi, and fish sauce were complimentary.
  • Location-wise, it's perfect. Out the door, straight to hailing jeepneys going downtown Manila. Or walk a few steps to UN Avenue where there are restaurants, banks, spas; and about 2 blocks walk to Robinsons Mall and Roxas Boulevard (other direction). 
  • Service is good. Staff are polite and prompt, no grumpy faces.
  • The hotel itself has been renovated, but I vote for modernization. Anyway, it's great for 1-2 nights stay.

Mabini Mansion
011 A. Mabini Street, Manila
(near UN corner Mabini)
Tel: (02) 521 4778

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