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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Karlos Gourmet & Coffee

Karlos Gourmet and Coffee at Jack's Ridge is a refreshing airconditioned cafe, overlooking the city of Davao, while serving delicious fusion dishes, desserts, pastries, and coffee. The more tourist-prone restaurant next door, Taklobo, is open-air and also overlooking the lush lowlands of Davao City. It's a better destination if you're craving for Filipino dishes, or when you're visiting with a foreign friend or out-of-towners. But we opted for Karlos Gourmet for the cool AC.
We had the place to ourselves, which was great. The black chairs compliment the white ceiling and walls. Semi-European touches all over the place.
I remember thoroughly enjoying this purple couch. We stayed here after lunch and just cherished the moment.
Side tables are more artsy, with splashes of colors and white chairs. You can see from here the outside happenings, including the Taklobo Restaurant.
I love that all of their walls are floor to ceiling glass. You can see every nearby tree, a bird's nest (we saw one), loitering guests along the winding pathways going down the open ampitheatre and pool area.
What a view for lunch! Must be more majestic during dinner time.
Karlos Gourmet Menu
Karlos Gourmet Menu
Karlos Gourmet Menu
Karlos Gourmet Menu
Cafe Mocha: Php95
Fried Tilapia: Php260
Spicy Shrimp: Php195
Chicken Orange: Php248
Maruya ala Mode: Php90
Sundae Vanilla Ice Cream: Php56
Mashed Potato: Php60
Extra Rice: Php23
  • We love their food. Flavorful and decent sized, but not exactly for sharing. 
  • Presentation is good too. Staff were accommodating, but always stay by their counter, which was nice.
Karlos Gourmet and Coffee
Jack's Ridge, Shrine Hills, Matina, Davao
Jack's Ridge Tel: (082) 2978830 to 31

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