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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Greeka Kouzina

Greeka Kouzina at SM Aura is a refreshing break from other restaurants in the mall. The colorful drop lights against the cellar-like concrete wall and wooden trusses offers a bright dining area to guests. Simple table and chair arrangements put everything in its place. With the bar as the back piece, the flow of food, smells, sounds, and people compliment each other.
The all black exterior is a perfect window to the blasting hues inside.
Cheerful diners enjoy the healthy Greek dishes.
Both walls have a long couch,paired with padded chairs.
Colorful Greek drop lights. Taste-wise, everything was a bit oily, but hopefully that's olive oil, and tremendously flavorful. The fish, rice, pepper, potatoes, each one tasted amazing and very filling!
Psari Plaki: Php450 (Oven-baked dory)
Yemistes: Php195 (Stuffed pepper with rice)
Patates Fournou Lemonates: Php195 (baked potato)
Greeka Kouzina
L2 SM Aura
Tel: 0917-5140157

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