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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Early Bird Breakfast Club

It's a comforting pleasure to have discovered Early Bird Breakfast Club in Century City Mall. It faces a mini garden, with towering buildings nearby. It felt like a vacation within the city. I love the bright colors, inside and out, and also the way everything compliments the mall's vibe. Relaxed, unhurried, and slightly royal. Early Bird Breakfast Club here opens 7AM, with ample parking space. The mall parking area opens early too to accommodate guests for Early Bird, IHOP, Starbucks - few which open for breakfast. Access from parking also goes straight to the outdoor hall leading to these dining joints - pretty convenient.
Sunny and bright. Love the warm atmosphere. Al fresco dining available.
The quirky-garden interiors are playful and will instantly put a smile on your face.
Brass lights hang from kitchen prep window.
This would be to your left upon entry. The small nook with ceiling high mirror is their reception/cashier station.
Love the contrast of colors against white-wearing cooks and white plates.
More garden inspired wall with a long couch
Early Bird Breakfast Club Menu
Early Bird Breakfast Club Menu
Tea: Php100
Nutella Hot Chocolate: Php145
Seriously forgot what this was
Toast: Php45
Salted Caramel Leche Flancake: Php255
Eggs Benedict: Php420
The Early Bird Full English: Php495
Yin & Yang Champorado: Php275
Sweet Glazed Katcino: Php375
The Katcino looks like this from under. Quite a presentation. It's huge and perfect to share.

  • Try the Champorado. It's perfectly flavored and paired with sugar-dashed anchovies.
  • Katcino tastes great. I just want more side tomatoes and spices to share.
  • The Full English and Eggs Ben were bit bland, I still prefer Apartment 1B's.
  • The sweet Leche Flancake was too sweet for me. Like dripping sweet. I thought I saw a cannoli, which I was eternally looking for, but it wasn't authentic.
  • Still, service was great. Love the hospitality. Been coming back again and again :)
Early Bird Breakfast Club
GF, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave,Makati
Tel:(02) 4031897 /+63 9053311897

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