Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Chinese Kitchen

Chinese Kitchen in SM Makati Basement Foodcourt is one of our fave in this newly renovated mall. I love the vibe, although the area is small, the clean white tables against black chairs is paired nicely with yellow accent colors. But most of all we love their food. Simple staple Chinese dishes that are flavorful and warm. Not too oily and seasoned just right.
We always order their Chicken Noodle: Php175, and ask them to split it in 2 bowls. It comes with complimentary mini buns. The buns with their hoisin dips are perfect. Last time we were there they don't sell it separately, but were in talks about it lol. We wanted to buy more buns.
Staff are friendly.
Chinese Kitchen
SM Makati Basement Foodcourt

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