Baan Khun Thai: Edsa Extension

Baan Khun Thai along Edsa, very near MoA is a great addition to the area. Since there are no full body massage inside Mall of Asia, this nearby spa is conveniently located. Parking area is shared among establishments, including Jollibee, Family Mart, and others, including the gas station itself. But guards are actively manning the parking spots to accommodate guests.
Up the 2nd floor, Baan Khun Thai is the first establishment (right wing). You also won't miss it from the ground. Coming from MoA, the spa location is to your right.
Receptionists were friendly and the mood is relaxing. The dim lights and wall mirror were reflective of everything else. Attendants will take your footwear from here and provide you with in-house slippers.
After selecting your service at the reception and waiting at the lounge, you get ushered to the next room and will have your feet soaked and washed.
Foot Massages have the central space to their disposal. With flowy, tall curtains, cascading between huge, black chair. Foot Massage: Php300 (1hr)
Body Massage areas line up the sides, left and right wall, with curtain separators each. Floor beds are used for a more authentic feel, and a less expensive use of materials. Body Massage: Php300 (1 hr)
Included in their facilities is a washroom. Nice and modern oriental.
Complimentary tea and hot towel after each service, to be consumed at the receiving lounge.
Baan Khun Thai is certainly giving Nuat Thai Spa a run for their money. I would say Baan Khun Thai is more improved, in terms of facilities (or maybe because this one's new), and a bit up a notch in service as well. Hopefully they could maintain their well-rounded service in all their branches.

Baan Khun Thai
2F Phoenix Gas Station,
Edsa Extension, Pasay
Tel: (02) 7343477

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