Ba Noi's

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
Ba Noi's in UP Town Center is part of the roster of restaurants lined up to fill your tummies. The area is currently under construction, as of print. But the front building has a set of restos up and ready to whip you their culinary specialties. Ba Noi's faces the inner courtyard, including soon-to-open retail stores and cafes. And it's nice location too around the afternoon when the sun is beaming on the other side.
When we dined, we alone graced the whole restaurant. Several staff took over the seats, sorting some papers, while others stay behind the counter.
Upon entry, a foyer-like area displays black-and-white photos of Vietnam city streets and country scenes.
We appreciate the hawk-eye attention our staff gave us, but a little annoying. We didn;t know if she was waiting for us to pay already and leave, or just watching us eat out of boredom.
The black table and chairs was a clean contrast against the white tiled floors and walls. The dark pinkish couch added accent to the place, as well as the yellow drop lanterns.
Taste-wise, we liked their dishes. Serving size for main dishes was said to be for sharing, but we had a hard time sharing evenly. Could be good for 1 hungry person at most.
Hot Jasmine Tea: Php100
Melon Shake: Php110
Ca Kho To: Php250 (Catfish in Caramelized Sauce)
Pho Ga: Php230 (Chicken Noodle Soup)
Complimentary sprouts (Pho Ga)

Ba Noi's

UP Town Center
Katipunan, QC
Tel: (02) 2948095

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