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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Waway's Buffet Restaurant

Waway's Buffet Restaurant, Legazpi City
Waway's Buffet is one of Legazpi's growing list of must-dine-in restaurants. With a very reasonable price of Php250/person, you can enjoy their delectable Bicolano fares inside a cool area (with AC), clean and organized table setting. The drop lights bordered with native decor, as well as the capiz window panes, add drama to the interiors.
Dining area, with 2 separate buffet counters and one fixed main counter.

We had no complaints about the dishes, and we tried to taste each. Everything was decent, although none was memorable, but filling and delightful nonetheless. 
Payment is given after you eat. I reckon they only accept cash, and they was a 'left-over fee' of Php100, I think. So get small servings and come back for more. Don't litter your plate with everything at once, or else you have to finish it. 
Overall, we enjoyed our lunch. Several tables were occupied, we needed no reservations. But to be sure, call first and ask if you need to reserve. There might be guided tours packing the place for lunch.
Waway's Buffet Restaurant
National Hwy, Legazpi City, Albay
Tel: (052) 480 8415

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