Monday, November 10, 2014

Lucky Noodles

Lucky Noodles, Solaire
Lucky Noodles perfectly fits its name. The colors seem to summon lucky vibes and conjure smiles. The whole restaurant blooms in golden orange walls, soft green undertones, warm demi-bright lights and wooden walls with black accent strip. The kitchen open bar is a gallery where you can watch you meal get prepped.
Large colorful images grace select walls. Most seats are bench-types and have no back support, but comfy nonetheless.
Orange octopus match the orange glasses
Classy condiments per table
Decaf Brewed Coffee: Php105
Solaire sugar
Iced Tea: Php75
Beef Brisket Noodle Soup: Php190
Steamed BBQ Pork Bun: Php170
Steamed Siew Mai (pork siomai): Php200
  • We came in pretty early so there were very few guests.
  • We love the warmth of the attendants, and how they allowed us to take our time choosing what to order.
  • Taste-wise, you can go no wrong with Lucky Noodles. We enjoyed each dish.
Lucky Noodles
Solaire Hotel and Resort

The high-end Solaire Food court. One step outside and the slot machines happily wait for your return.
Food stalls by the wall offer food choices of different types and cuisines.
Guests will definitely enjoy unwinding by the perfectly polished table and hot red chairs after losing money in the Casino, ha!

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