Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lay Bare

Lay Bare has broken the wall of personal grooming and delivered glorified waxing to the masses. I love their affordable rates, trained attendants, and uniformed branches; although not too much loving the green and brown motif, it was a nice touch nonetheless. Most branches inside malls get filled during weekends, from opening to closing. Most mall branches are full after office hours. Some branches accept reservations, while others follow the strict first-come-first-serve basis. When you arrive, list your name and you can wait inside, or leave and they will send you a text when you're next.
Some of their branches have limited stalls, so only 3 or 4 clients can have their services done at the same time. Still, every inch is kept clean. Their personalized radio/music station plays in rotation.
Small lavatory area. Storage cabinets for Lay Bare's service materials like wax, thread, towels, etc.
Each room has a high bed, floor lamp, trash bin, service items, fans, and mirror.
The attendants handle the clients well. I've never encountered an amateur waxer or threader. Just always be honest with what you want, especially with your brows because you cannot hide it. You can borrow the hand-held mirror (they always have it) and watch your brow getting serviced.
Creams, tissues, water spray, cotton, mirror, alcohol, etc..
Having tried other beauty clinics for brow threading, brow waxing, and leg waxes, I don't see anything less in Lay Bare in terms of the service they provide. I love that they made their rates low enough for everyone. I've never tried Brazilian Wax here because it would take 40mins to 1hr, compared to just around 15-20mins in Strip.
Lay Bare
Tel: 0917- LAY BARE (529 2283)

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