Monday, October 27, 2014

Go Hotels Edsa

Go Hotels offer no-fuss room, with all the amenities of a solid hotel, including AC, bed with duvet, hot shower, free WiFi, and Cabled TV, except room service - they discourage eating inside the rooms, but provide dining halls per floor.
Hotel lobby, with quick access to Tokyo Cafe next door. You can get breakfast here or buy breakfast voucher/discount at the hotel lobby, and get about Php100 off Tokyo Cafe's breakfast plates.
Spacious lobby and some seats. It screams 'waiting area' and not warm at all. It's ok coz nobody wants to stay at the lobby anyway except to wait. It's not a lounge.
Some dining table and chairs in one of the room floors. Guests can take their food here and eat. No eating with TV, y'all! But no worries, it's not exactly checked whether or not you dine inside rooms.
More dining tables and waiting area
The room we got was around Php1200 with no breakfast. It was good enough because we were in a hurry and had no reservations. I reckon you can get much much cheaper (below Php1000) if you buy months in advance. Plus the location is great, next to Robinsons Pioneer, there's an ATM machine in the building, and taxis are not scarce at all.
Very nice bathroom, although no bidet.
Roomy shower area, with heater.
Some complimentary soap and shampoo. I'm glad that they even try, props to them!

Go Hotels
UG/F, Robinsons Cybergate Plaza, EDSA cor. Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City
Tel. +63(2) 3988788 / +63(2) 3988119

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