Thursday, September 18, 2014

Tatay Ade Beach Resort

Tatay Ade Beach Resort, located in Buscayan town in Macrohon, is a powdery paradise in Southern Leyte.
Entrance is free, and locals enjoy the clean, unobstructed shores and pristine waters on this side of the coast.
Packs of swimmers enjoy the shade of lush trees by the shore.
Cottages cost Php100 each. It has a table, side benches, roof and sand on your feet. There is one (1) overnight cottage for around Php300. It's a room by the beach, made of native materials, and there are probably electrical sockets and beddings for your convenience. Not en-suite bathroom though. Use the common toilet.
An open lavatory is available in case your group decided to cook or grill your meats or fishes. Toilet is also available, but, take heed this is not a resort, so expect more of an outdoor distressed dunny.
This is privately owned, so owners may be just around the corner, to collect cottage fees and maintain order. A mini store is within the vicinity, in case you might need sodas, matches, etc..
Take note also that when it's low tide, you'll be walking on extremely shallow waters for miles. Perfect for snagging some local seashells or sea snails.
Sand all the way, but immediately as you hit the waters, moss, algae, corals come your way. It's part of nature's charm, and it's all clean and fresh. Soak up!
Tatay Ade Beach Resort
Buscayan, Macrohon
Southern Leyte

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