T House Restaurant

T House Restaurant in Tagaytay is located inside the T House compound. Separate minimalist, avant garde buildings make up the complex, its entrance along the main Tagaytay road, and a steep descent is required to reach the concierge.
A simple 'Restaurant' sign outside this block. The black and white theme extends throughout the area, with surrounding greenery of shrubs and trees.
I love the landscaping and overall design of the exteriors. It's like Japanese Zen in a more casual level.
The comfort rooms are located outside the resto, just over a bridge-crossing.
The restaurant maintains its black-white colors, with pops of oranges. The neutrally toned interiors proved calming and nice.
Side bar. I like the boxed alcohol, and individually lit at that.
Long utensils
Fillet of Fish ala Creme Saffron
French Onion Soup: Php295
Tarragon Tea: Php65 (tea pot with cookies)
Mashed Potato: Php75
Buffalo Wings: Php325
  • When we had lunch, we had the whole place to ourselves as walk-ins. Hotel guests can request room service. 
  • Attendants were warm and nice. 
  • Dishes are yummy! Quantity can be for sharing.
  • Tarragon tea is one Tagaytay's offered specialties, and we love the cute presentation of their tea pot, with mini shot cups and side cookies.
  • Come for a relaxing lunch or tea, the ambiance will calm your nerves, and the food will satisfy your tummy.
T House Restaurant
3195 Calamba Road, Tagaytay City, Philippines
Sun: +63922-8THouse / +63922-8846-875 Smart: +63939-9039-587
Globe: +63917-5413-584
Manila Landline: (02)788-7354

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