Apartment 1B, Rockwell

Apartment 1B in One Rockwell is a quiet breakfast cafe, handsomely located among fellow posh restaurants. They serve lunch, dinner, and their breakfasts are up to 3PM. Inside, a classic country feel envelopes the place, with pops of fresh flowers all over. Staff are friendly and attentive.
Upper floor is available for additional seating or private functions perhaps. I'm loving the subtle application of black beams and select walls with white ceiling slabs and wooden tables and chairs.
Their first branch is at Salcedo, also in Makati. But this one sealed exclusivity and high-end stamps all over. We spotted the now-getting-famous group of sports-car toting enthusiasts, merrily enjoying their morning meals at Apartment 1B, with their multimillion cars parked on the curb outside the resto.
Comfort Room is sweet and country. Complete amenities here.
Apartment 1B Menu
Apartment 1B Menu
Each table gets the triple-service button, a candle and flower pot.
Condiments tray
Cafe Latte: Php90
Hot Chocolate: Php80
Egg Breakfast with Canadian Ham: Php390
2pc Eggs Benedict  with Canadian Ham: Php460
Egg Breakfast with smoked bacon: Php390
Orange French Toast: Php280
Organic Waffles: Php380

  • This is now my mom's favourite breakfast joint, so that's very positive. I especially love their spiced pepper! After your food is served, the server will ask if you want pepper, say YES! And sprinkle loads, it'll change everything!
  • Price is obviously spiked up, but serving size is for sharing. Parking is free if you park right outside the door.. But if you take one of the parking slots, it's around Php40. 
  • They give a good senior's citizen discount.
  • Their Eggs Ben Hollandaise sauce is authentically good. Much better than Italianni's breakfast Eggs Ben, or any other Eggs Ben I've tried!
Apartment 1B Rockwell
G/F One Rockwell East
Rockwell, Makati

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