Monday, August 11, 2014

Royal View Seafood Restaurant

Royal View Seafood Restaurant, SM Mall of Asia
The Royal View Seafood Restaurant owns a corner piece of Mall of Asia. The exact same location used to house the Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant, I'm not sure if they only changed the name and menu. But the awesome ceiling lights remain.
Feels like China. The elegance and grandeur of Chinese elite speaks volumes with the surrounding golden hues.
Complimentary vegetable slices
House tea
Coconut juice
Beef with ampalaya
 Xiao Long Bao
Asado Siopao
  • I have lost all price references, but I reckon it's quite reasonable. 
  • Taste-wise, it's good Chinese, comparable to Mann Hann, maybe North Park, but a little short on Lugang or Crystal Jade level.
  • Location is perfect, of course. Corner side of Mall of Asia Entertainment area, overlooking the ocean.
  • You'd think the vast area will not get filled, but even the private rooms get occupied, especially during weekends when hoards for large families come for lunch.
  • Perfect for family gatherings, or if you crave Chinese.
Royal View Seafood Restaurant
2F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia
Tel: (02) 556 9520

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