Corregidor Day Tour

Corregidor Day Tour:
The infamous trolley jeep in Corregidor island. One of the few authorized vehicles to roam around the island, and they come lining up by the pier to transport tourists. 
Sun Cruises caters the Corregidor Day Tours. We got a discounted rate of around Php1800++ per pax for the tour+dinner cruise 'cause we bought it during the Travel Fair.
Day Tour Package: Roundtrip ferry transfers; shrine, entrance fees; guided island tour, buffet lunch

Day Tour Weekday Adult Rate - Php2,250.00/person
Day Tour Weekend* Adult Rate - Php2,449.00/person
Day Tour Child Rate (3-11 yo) - Php1,400.00/person

The fast craft was clean and foreign-tourists-ready. Comfort Rooms were decent, air-conditioned interiors, nice over-all lay out. The ride was more or less 2 hours, Manila to Corregidor.
Seats will be assigned while you register, before climbing the fast craft ferry. There's a separate line for walk-ins and those who came with tickets. Check-in registration opens 7AM at Sun Cruises' office at PICC Marina. The ferry should leave 8AM, and be back nearing 4PM.
From the ferry, it's pretty much first-come, first-ride basis on the trolleys. About 4-5 jeeps will accommodate the whole pack. Mind that your seat may very well be your permanent station for the whole tour.
Each trolley comes with its own tour guide. If you're lucky, you'll be onboard with a funny, wise-cracking guide, and your day won't be dull during the boring bits.
First stop was the buffet lunch. We were running late that day and left Manila almost 10AM, so it's fitting to start with feeding us first.
Buffet lunch was courtesy of Corregidor Inn. It's the island hotel perched on top of a hill, overlooking the ocean and zigzag roads.
Tables are not labeled so pick your spot quickly, preferably near the buffet table.
The restaurant is packed, and each table is positioned near a window that beckons soft wind, the calming colors of blue sea and garden greenery.
The buffet was definitely plenty. Rice, pasta, fruits, various meat dishes, seafood, soup, dessert, salad, and drinks
Our buffet plates
Lunch buffet setting
I think the very first guests who went up the resto had first dibs on these tables.
Outdoor dining area
This is apparently the Smoking Area. Good thing we steered clear from here.
After lunch, we came back to our designated trolley jeeps
Golden wall mural commemorating history. Sorry I'm not really good with details much.
Indoor museum of remarkable paintings and portraits depicting several historical events.
Beach huts by the coast
This is the light show inside the Malinta Tunnel. Each section lits up one by one as the story unfolds.
There are short video screenings, but most are statues in role-play.
Everyone loved the light show. The whole group walks along the tunnel and stops at sections that light up.
By the end of it, everyone slowly walks out the tunnel. You can loiter a bit and take photos at entry ways of smaller tunnels.
Malinta Tunnel
Youth for Peace
Battery Way. This was a stop. There are cannons nearby.
Photo-op cannons
I love the crumbing structure. A touch ghastly yet exotic.
Long-ass cannon with wandering tourists
The heat will get you. So take your pictures quick and leave the sun.
The trolley approaches one of the longest barracks preserved.
We were allowed by our guide to get off and take photos. The guide specified that normally, the jeep only passes by the road slowly, but since we arrived first and no trolley waiting in line, we had the whole strip to ourselves.
Old trees claim the land
Pacific War Memorial
The other end of the monument park leads to the ocean.
Our trolley under the shade of trees
Corregidor bell tower
Museum of various nation which was part of the island's history.
I'd recommend the Corregidor Day Tour to everyone - it's best to experience it even just once. Ride the trolley, tour around the fascinating island, which has no residents (only staff, island keepers, and stationed soldiers/guards). While we were riding, few macaque monkeys crossed our paths, a large eagle went flying just over a small hill. It's refreshing to be that close to these animals, without them feeling threatened.
Corregidor Day Tour
Sun Cruises
Fernando Ma. Guerrero corner Paseo Palisoc, CCP
Complex, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City
Tel. (632) 834-6857 to 58, (632) 831-8140 

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