Brasas: Latin American Street Food

Brasas: Latin American Street Food, Jazz Mall:
Brasas is a surprise find. Having been constantly visiting Jazz Mall, we decided to try Brasas.
The street-style interiors reflect Latin urban vibe.
Wooden tables and black couches
I've heard that this branch has dance sessions on weekends till late night. But maybe not every weekend? I'm not sure.
Service is fair, price is a bit steep. But some servings are for sharing already.
Each table gets a bucket of utensils
Brasas Menu 1
Brasas Menu 2
Carne Asada Platter: Php280
Ay Caramba la Papa: Php190
Lomo Saltado: Php330
Patacones: Php180 (single)
Tajadas: Php60
Pollo Asado Platter: Php230
  • I can happily recommend Lomo Saltado. The rest are either bland or not too tasty. 
  • Their sauces are always a hit, but the fried dishes can be oily.
  • Side veggies have good flavor.
SM Jazz Mall, Makati
Tel: (02) 3305781

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