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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Corazon: Filipino Hispano Cuisine

Corazon exudes exclusivity, with its clementine hues and indoor garden. Menu is somewhat similar to Crisostomo, and Dekada.
We love the very distinct statement of interiors.
The small space was able to produce numerous tables, and with the arched ceiling, offers a cozy ambiance.
Staff were attentive and nice, and quick with cleaning up tables during peak hours.
Located in this new culinary level of Shangri-La Mall, Corazon is side by side and face to face with other gastronomic establishments. One could easily loose their head picking which resto to dine in.
Welcoming staff awaits patrons. Menu is displayed outside for convenience.
Complimentary cornicks
Calamansi Juice: Php160
Chamomile Tea: Php98
Coruna: Php235
Croquetas jamón and keso with special dip
Lentehas: Php300
Classic munggo soup with chorizo, malunggay and dahon ng sili
Torres: Php350
Tilapia with mango sauce
  • We love the bold, strong flavors, probably due to the marriage of Filipino with Hispanic cuisines. The twist in every dish is apparent.
  • We asked them to separate the anchovies in the munggo soup and they obliged. The anchovies were seasoned well and we ate them separately.
  • Price is worth the quantity, serving size is for sharing.
  • Recommended: Yes.
Corazon: Filipino Hispano Cuisine
4th Level, East Wing, 
Shangri-La Plaza Mall, 
Tel: (02) 687 1955

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