Monday, June 16, 2014

Pink Parlour

Pink Parlour, A. Venue Mall Makati:
Pink Parlour is the other Brazilian Wax authority, aside from Strip. I got a really cheap Php299 voucher to try their Brazilian, which normally costs Php900 per session.
Inside A.Venue Mall, Pink Parlour has a nice shop, with strikingly moulin-rouge-ish burlesque decor. With the blacks and pinkish walls and sparkling chandeliers, it gives a posh, sexy feel.
Receiving area. I must say, every inch is designed. The black floors are spotless.
Black curtain leads to service area and private rooms.
Mani-pedi station
I was taken to this shower area to change pants to towels. It's a little uncomfortable considering there's no place to hang clothes. I wasn't given hygienic wipes, but good thing I have my own.
This is the room I was taken to have my Brazilian. I felt like I ordered a lap dance. But it gives privacy, and I look great in their lighting, so what more to ask?
Cute counter inside the room. The service is a bit more painful than what I usually have in Strip. Sorry I kept comparing but that's exactly the point why I tried it here. My attendant was friendly and super nice.
  • I would say that Pink Parlour also do not double-dip, and the whole facility is perfectly clean.
  • I got excited when I saw the list of Awards they received, mostly in their main branch in Singapore. But I guess the service there and here is not 100% identical. 
  • Verdict: It is my second choice, or if I come across another dirt cheap voucher. My main concern is pain and I get less of it from Strip.
Pink Parlour
A.Venue Mall, Makati Avenue
Tel: (02) 621-9836

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