Saturday, June 7, 2014

Maru Korean Restaurant

Maru Korean Restaurant, Macapagal Blvd: 
Maru's unpretentious dining hall. I love the drop tubes that suck smoke from grilling.
Parking is free so find your spot quick.
Clean and bright. Everyone obviously came for the marvelous food.
An elevated floor sitting area. Colorful striped flat pillows for you comfort.
Tubes looking like an end of TV cable :) But it works! Everyone's grilling to their heart's content and nobody's suffocating from smoking heat.
Plates and utensils
I love this! It's called Banchan (side dish). These are all complimentary! Few minutes after ordering, servers pop one at a time with mini plates. Each of these is can be refilled too.
Haemul Doinjang: Php350
Galbisal: Php350
Greens and dip came with Galbisal
  • Their banchan alone is worth coming. Add a soup and juicy meat, it's a perfect meal!
  • Price is fair. 
  • Maru is probably THE Korean resto in the city serving this many side dishes for free.
  • Servers work fast, but they see you. Not too chatty. More on action than words. I like it.
Maru Korean Restaurant
HK Sun Plaza, D Macapagal Blvd
Reclamation Area, Pasay 
Tel: (02) 836-0404

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