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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Azzurro di Boracay

Azzurro di Boracay is a unique find. It topped my checklist being beachfront, price is less than 3000 per night, free plated breakfast, AC, Cabled TV, hot water, free WiFi.
The lounge chairs in front of Azzurro is exclusive for hotel guests, supposedly. You can leave your hotel towels here while you take a dip, and exchange the towel for a fresh one at the reception before heading back to you room.
Azzurro Ristorante Italianissimo and Bar opens around 7AM. No room service. WiFi is strong at the resto. They offer freshly grilled seafood for dinners, aside from the in-house Italian Menu.
There's always a mix of nationalities dining, so pardon the servers if they focus more effort to impressing foreign guests. But we do get our share of attention most times.
By the wall, a long seating area is perfect for chilling, surfing he net on your PC or phone, reading (they have select books to borrow), having tea or coffee. Music plays non-stop in the background but it's not annoying or disco.
Past the restaurant, guests will pass thru the reception, where shots of CCTV cameras are monitored, and next is this lovely open-pathway to the rooms.
Just ignore the pinkish walls and anti-modern look of everything, the rooms are decent and adequately sized.
A nice garden brightens the place. Guests can hang wet towels or clothes outside their rooms. Safe enough, very casual vibe.
Simple corridor, beachy in a way. Tables and chairs in-between rooms. Few ash trays for smokers.
Deluxe Room: Php2500/night with free plated breakfast for 2
Double bed with AC, TV, en-suite bathroom, low cabinet, mini-fridge, table and chair.

Sadly, WiFi is only good at the resto. There's supposedly a separate WiFi for the rooms but were disabled during our stay. One of the staff actually gave us a password for it, but another staff dismissed this and told us there's only WiFi at the cafe/resto.
Comfort room door facing the bed. I'm not a fan of their layout. The TV is old model, but cable works so it's cool.
Bathroom is functional. Hot shower is nice and warm, no kinks whatsoever, works perfectly. No bidet, which kinda sucks. Bucket and pail for your conveniece. Free toilet paper, unlimited.
Hotel at night. Festive lights, chatting diners, and friendly staff create a warm atmosphere, facing the ocean and night breeze, all within the comfort of hotel premises.
Azzurro di Boracay Breakfast Menu
Hotel guests get to choose 2 complimentary breakfasts per room, daily
Azzurro di Boracay Menu
Azzurro Ristorante Italianissimo Menu
Azzurro Ristorante Italianissimo and Bar Menu
American Breakfast
Filipino Breakfast
English Breakfast
Filipino Breakfast
Grilled squid: Php90/grams (4g) = Php360
with free plain rice
We came from Kalibo, so we decided to book with Southwest Tours, which accommodates Azzurro transfers. Upon arrival from the airport, you'll see your name on a whiteboard. You'll be taken to their booth just outside the Arrival Area to register yourself. We only paid for the terminal fee and environmental fee (around Php100+ per person), and had to pay the rest at the hotel.
Bus + jetty ride + shuttle from Kalibo to Azzurro rate is Php400 per person (one-way).

  • First-impression, we enjoyed the ocean view. It really is worth trying to get a beachfront hotel. One minute walk from your room straight to the sands is relaxing, and simply - happiness.
  • Location-wise, Azzurro couldn't have been more perfect. The resto menu can be pricey, but no worries, right next to Azzurro is Andok's Litson! It's open 24/7, always packed, selling soups, veggies, rice, chicken, pork - all in Filipino flair. And most of all, it's one of the cheapest you can get beachfront. 
  • Room: We had no problems with the room whatsoever. AC works, hot water, water supply. Bed is comfy, pillows are soft. Clean, no bugs. There may be mosquitoes outside but were almost nonexistent during our stay.
  • Ocean: I was a bit surprised that the water at Station 3, particularly in front of Azzurro, was really nice and clean. We didn't have to walk all the way to Station 1 to enjoy pristine waters.
  • We love the Southwest Tours bus. It's roomy and clean. From Caticlan, they have their own big, 2-storey ferry. After crossing, a shuttle took us to our hotel. The shuttle can't enter the white beach so we were dropped off from the nearest road to the hotel. Our bags were taken by one of the shuttle staffs and he carried it for us. They had to report to the hotel themselves and remind us to pay at the reception.
  • Verdict: Very much recommended! 

Azzurro di Boracay
Station 3, Boracay
Malay, Aklan, Philippines
Tel: +63 36 2885119 / +63 36 2885601

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