Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ginza Bairin

Ginza Bairin, Glorietta
One of Japan's prime restos opens doors in Makati. Ginza Bairin joins the row of Asian modern dining in New Glorietta, alongside Wee Nam Kee and Watami Restaurant.
Inside is a limited area of open plan dining. The subdued lights create a breezy, comfy feel. Of course everyone wants the semi-private partition seats by the wall, or corner couches.
But since Ginza Bairin easily gets filled, any seat is appreciated. Wait staff came at once with their very straightforward menu. Quite few items, but serving size if for sharing.
The view of the kitchen makes for a more interesting experience, seeing your food being prepped and cooked.
Chops and table napkin
Condiments tray and wet towel
Sesame seeds
Condiments per table
Ginza Bairin Menu
Menchi Katsu with Cheese Curry Set: Php380
Menchi Katsu Set: Php345
  • Their food is really good. I didn't think I would come close to 'almost' finishing everything. I was insanely full before we left.
  • The side veg balanced the curry, the free soup was nice while hot, sesame sprinkles on rice gave it crunch; but experimenting with the sauces provided an assortment of flavors that just kept me going (eating and losing my brain). 
  • Please do come in hungry. Price is not too steep. Highly reccommended.
Ginza Bairin
Glorietta 2 (along Palm Drive), Makati
Tel: +632.553.7350

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