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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Titanic Bopha Restaurant

Titanic Bopha Restaurant, Phnom Pehn:
Titanic Bopha Restaurant is one of the few tourist restaurants everyone should visit, even just once. It overlooks the Sisowath Quay, and just beside the ferry dock.
Pristine decor welcomes guests, and some tourists literally just stepped off from a boat.
The vast dining area is visually appetizing, filled with vines, native materials, and cultural performers. Ignore the balmy atmosphere. Of course it's humid, but the lack of flying insects make up for it. Servers were very nice and accommodating.
Perhaps it's scheduled, or when the place gets filled halfway, a dancer and musician wearing traditional costumes perform for guests, right in the middle of the dining hall.
Mango Juice: $2
Orange Juice: $2.50
We tried their Discovery Set Menu  ($ 11.50 / pax). It's full-on Khmer dishes featuring:
*Traditional Beef Salad
with Lime and Cambodian Mint Selection
*Fish Amok with Lemongrass and Coconut Milk,
served in a Coconut Shell
*Pineapple Crispy Rolls
with Coconut & Caramel Sauce
*Steamed Rice
Steamed rice
Fish Amok
Not part of the Khmer Set Menu, we ordered Chicken Curry: $7.35
Apple Bolero: $5
Vanilla Ice Cream, Caramelized Apple, Honey & Cinnamon Sauce
  • Service is friendly, the ambiance is worth the visit. Plus, with string of seaside restos along the boulevard, Titanic Bopha is somewhat iconic, representing cultural and traditional Khmer food.
  • For the dessert, Pineapple Crispy Rolls, it was sweet and delicious. We asked for take-away box because we were in tremendous hurry to catch our bus for Ho Chi Minh.
  • The Discovery Set Menu is actually good for sharing (medium-sized Asians), but it was nice to get to taste more of their dishes.
Titanic Bopha Restaurant
Sisowath Quay, Next to Siem Reap Ferry Port, 
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Tel: + (855) 023 42 72 09

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