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Monday, January 27, 2014

Pretty Looks Beauty Clinic

*Please see my updated 2015 review of Pretty Looks Lip Tint procedure here.

This is Pretty Looks' stark white clinic. Come in early and you'll witness its serenity sans waiting clients. Setting an appointment is necessary. I came in for a Lip Tint procedure for Php999 each (voucher). Regular price is Php7000 for 3 sessions.
The reception desk is always manned by a pretty attendant. Everyone is trained before working on a client. I believe they must have a medical background of some sort. I also noticed that staff/attendants have all gotten a personal dose of their services. From permanent lip tint to eyebrows to makeup, everyone seems to have experienced one or the other.
Curtains for privacy. Each stall has either a bed or reclining chair, depending on procedure. It's sanitary enough, with plastic covering on the bed, each attendant wears gloves, syringes are used only once then tossed out (I was told).
The procedure started with a test shot of anesthesia on my arm. After a few minutes, the attendant checked it. It went fine and I was led to one of the stalls. I got a topical anesthesia to be left for a few minutes, then I had 4-5 shots of anesthesia per inner lip (upper and lower). It could get painful for a second, but tolerable. Misty eyed, no tear. The tattooing was literally painless on areas covered by anesthesia. Some areas lost the numbness and it was slightly shockingly painful. But manageable.
Lip tattoo lasted for about an hour. It will swell for a day. No liquid on the lips for 24 hours, I used straws to drink. Apply Bacitracin for 4 days, twice a day. It would peel on and off for about 2-3 weeks and the lip color would finally settle. Bacitracin costs around Php220 (pay at reception desk). I was given 2 medical face masks to conceal super swelling lips.
1 - before the 1st procedure
2 - right after 1st lip tint session (swell)
3 - after 3 weeks
4- right after 2nd lip tint session (swell)
5 - peeling (next day)
6 - after 3 weeks
  • For the 2 sessions I had, I only had "wash-out" procedure, meaning there's no lip color applied yet, only base color. But as it turned out, I liked it better than having a permanent stark red or pink lippy all the time. It looks natural.  Maybe when I come across another voucher I'd swing by Pretty Looks for a retouch or darker shade.
  • The clinic is bright; staff were great, very friendly, professional and put clients at ease. And most importantly, their Lip Tattoo works! I've had it for a couple of months now and it hasn't fade or anything. From my experience, it was a safe and quick procedure.
Pretty Looks
Unit 201 Grand Emerald Tower, 
F. Ortigas Jr. Ave., corner Garnet Road, 
Ortigas Center, Pasig City
Tel: 687.7507 • 470.2541


  1. Hello :)
    What are the cons for this surgery? :)

    1. im not sure about the staff being friendly... :-/

  2. Hi! The only con for me is location, it's a little far from my place. Aside from that, it would depend on your expectations. For me it worked, I got it cheap on voucher and I got good service. The tint still hasn't faded :)

  3. For permanent lip augmentation Gurgaon before and after pictures, check out That way you will know what to expect if you get a procedure like this!

    1. wtf! post somewhere else idiot!

  4. HI! what shade did you get? thanks!

    1. Hi! I only got 'wash-out' treatment. It's basically pink and was supposed to be the base color for the tint. If you have dark/uneven colored lips, they would suggest about 2-3 wash-out sessions. Then for the next session you can add the tint color.

  5. I had mine done 4 days ago. First 2 days, my lips were super swollen. Now on the fourth day..parang wala namang nangyari. My lips are still dark na parang may tinge lang ng pink.. Hopefully sa second wash out session may improvement na.

  6. Hi sis..may contact # po ba kayo ng Davao branch nila? May liptint ba dun? Tsaka..wla po bang allergic reaction? Thanks for the info sis!


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