Friday, January 3, 2014

Mekong Bus Siem Reap - Cambodia - Vietnam

Mekong Bus: Siem Reap to Phnom Penh, Cambodia: $13 (foreigner):
The Mekong Express Limousine Bus is a large shuttle service, with A/C, roomy seats with pockets, WiFi (when it's available in the area), complimentary bottled water, cookies, wet towelettes, large windows, TV on board, and an English-speaking travel assistant/guide
Passengers are either picked up from their respective hotels (online-bought tickets) or buy tickets on the bus terminal. After about a couple of hours, lunch stop at Arunras Restaurant at Kampong Thom.
This restaurant is at Arunras Hotel. It's large and very casual. Nice, affordable prices, delicious dishes.
Although buses make stop-overs at the same time, there are still spare tables for new guests. Mind the comfort rooms as there's almost always a line.
Each table has toothpicks, tissues, and condiments
Chicken with cashew and vegetables. This is soooo yummy. I didn't wanna leave really, but our bus was revving up.
Orange juice (dalandan)
One dish, 2 rice cups, 2 drinks for less than $15.

Mekong Bus: Phnom Penh, Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: $14 (foreigner)
Complimentary cookies, bottled water, and wet towelettes
Snack stop at this cafeteria very near the Cambodia-Vietnam border. We weren't hungry so we never got to try their food.
Trash can per table.
Clean toilets
  • We also crossed the famous Mekong River. The bus itself rode the ferry and rolled off on the other side after about 5-minutes onboard. 
  • The movies they played on the bus were mostly American films, sometimes local music videos. There's a functional toilet at the back of the bus.
  • From Cambodia to Vietnam, our travel assistant helped a lot. He took out passports to prepare them for immigration. When we arrived at the border, it was very organized and swift. We all passed thru the immigration window and our passports were already stamped.
  • At the Vietnam border, we were asked to take all our luggage with us as we would be passing the baggage machine scanner. The Mekong travel assistant had our passports processed by the immigration officer. There are a couple of tour guides/assistants doing this as well with their respective group of tourists. Everyone just had to stand on the sides and wait for their names to be called. Upon hearing your name, your passport is returned to you, stamped, and you will proceed to the baggage scanner. After being cleared, you head on to your Mekong bus, remember the bus number.
  • Recommended? Yes please! Everything went smoothly and according to our plan itinerary. Mekong Express Bus was a huge help, especially for crossing the border.
Mekong Express Bus
Phnom Penh:   (+855) 12 78 78 39
Siem Reap:       (+855) 63 963 662
Ho Chi MInh:    (+84) 8-38 373 917

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