Saturday, January 25, 2014

La Petite Camille

La Petite Camille, Greenbelt 5:
It's because of my trip to Vietnam that got me curious over Vietnamese restos in the city. They have a very distinct difference with Thai and Singaporean dishes.
So I came across Le Petite Camille. The homey interiors is sunny, and has the Vietnamese-French mix of decor, coming from the chairs and table borders.
Very French Colonial feel.
Although I'm the only one dining, a few tables got filled up eventually. Don't look up, it's a not lighting store :)
Nice touch with the personalized utensils holder
Summer Rolls - Goi Cuon: Php295
Rice wraps filled with prawn, lettuce, cucumber, rice vermicelli and Thai basil served with peanut sauce
Five Spice Roast Chicken: Php360
Fillet Catfish in Claypot: Php275
We got to sample their authentic Vietnamese coffee and pandan & yellow mung bean, which was free for a minimum of Php500 order. I'm not sure how long this promo lasts.
Pandan and Yellow Mung Bean
Vietnamese Coffee. We asked for a hot cup.
Deep Fried Ice Cream - Kem Chie: Php105
This is what's inside. It's ok, but the fried outer layer and smooth ice cream feels a little disconnected for me.
  • I liked their peanut sauce. Those summer rolls were filling, came in 8 pieces.
  • I loved their dessert. It's even sweeter coz it's free.
  • Their Roast Chicken was tasty, but serving size is for 1-2 persons only.
  • For the Catfish in Claypot, I would recommend the same dish from click > Zao Vietnamese Bistro <. It had more 'fireworks in your mouth' taste.
La Petite Camille
2/F Greenbelt 5, Makati 
Tel: (02) 728-4965

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