Zao Vietnamese Bistro

Zao Vietnamese Bistro, Serendra: 
I've recently been to Vietnam and I'm experiencing hangovers with their cuisine. I'm suddenly scouting all Vietnamese restos in the Metro for that distinct Vietnamese taste. Zao Vietnamese Bistro in Serendra is a good start.
Red is the core or the orient, mixed with native chairs, neutral stony walls, and a splash of greenery in random places.
Couches are popular with patrons. There weren't a lot of people when we had lunch but there are several 'Reserved' tables. Dunno if those are real reservations or some strategy.
The space is conducive for small family lunches, or quiet executive meetings.
Table setting is simple. Utensils and chopsticks presented. Attendants were quick enough when called, polite and sometimes even friendly.
Pho Broth (Chicken/Pork): Php75 each
Dalandan Juice: Php135 each
Catfish in Claypot: Php265
Water Spinach with Crispy Pork Belly: Php215
  • We ordered 2 Pho Broths - chicken and pork, because we were told that each serving is good for single person only. Turns out 1 bowl was good for sharing. And we ditched one of the broths because it was too salty. I think it was chicken.
  • I love the claypot catfish. It was sweet with the caramelized catfish, and super tender. Size is also for sharing.
  • I love spinach so I might be biased that I like their water spinach dish. It's basically just sauteed veggie.
Zao Vietnamese Bistro
Serendra, Fort Bonifacio
Tel: (02) 8562819

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