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Wilson & Ayache, Makati 
I first learned about Wilson & Ayache when they joined Metrodeal and offered Php249 per Diamond Peel session. I searched more about it and learned how posh and modern their clinic is.
When I made my reservations, the staff made sure that I understand their strict scheduling. I had to come 15-30minutes early or my session is forfeited.
Glad I came in time, having spent several minutes figuring out where it is exactly. It's located near Greenbelt 1 at Legaspi Street, and located at the lower ground floor (downstairs) of Legaspi Park View Building.
When I got in, the staff were super nice, pretty, and friendly. I was asked to sign a form and was briefly assessed by an attendant, then given suggestions as to which treatments or products will be best for me. Not really in a pushy way, but more in an informative way.
I still think it's a steal for the discounted price of Php249 for a Diamond Peel. Original rate is Php1500 per session.
I love the heated pillows and towels. Smells chocolatey and warm. The facility is obviously maintained and clean. They boast modern machines for advance treatments.
My next treatment in Wilson & Ayache is the Radiolaser Wart Removal. I researched this for a while, and concluded that their method would probably suit me best. I didn't want big pockmarks on my face, waiting for scars to heal. I'm too busy for 1-2weeks downtime. Wilson & Ayache's Radiolaser treatment promised 4-5 days of clearing up.
The attendant explained every step. A topical anesthetic was applied to each wart, then a tape was placed so it won't smudge. I was then transferred to this tiny, classy room next to their Operating Room.
This is where I spent about an hour waiting for the anesthesia to take full effect. Their Operating Room is where cosmetic surgeries and other procedures happen. It looks like a hospital OR, with bluish walls and stark lights.
Lights at the operating table. I wasn't having surgery, but the Radiolaser machine is in this room. And the mechanical bed and ample lights are better here than in their facial treatment beds.
Radiolaser Removal of Warts: Php4500 per area (including Doctor's fee)
Radiolaser machine for Wart Removal.
The anesthesia helped a lot because I felt nothing during the procedure. The doctor was thorough and I felt safe. After the treatment, my face was reddish. In cauterization, warts got burned and turn to black scars, but in Radiolaser there were only bumps. From afar, it's not even noticeable. I even went to Greenbelt 5 for dinner after my procedure. But upclose it looks like a mild case of hives.
Doctor gave me list of products to use. All of them perfect for sensitive skin: Cetaphil Sunscreen, Cetaphil Cleanser, W&A Radiolaser Antibacterial Toner, W&A Cream Gel, and Fucidin  (antibacterial cream - use only until healed).
This photo is very close-up so it looks worse than it really is. Taken in a span of 5 days. First photo is right after the treatment. The last photo was close to normal skin already.
From a distance, the blemishes were very unnoticed. But the best thing is, you can go out immediately, maybe after 2 days. You can put on make-up after 4 days, as per Doctor's instructions. Quick and over with in less than a week. Best wart removal ever.
  • Wart Removal: All of the products I got were added to my bill, so from Php4500 it got close to Php8000. But since I have no proper maintenance products for cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, I'm actually using these and no acne ever since. Except the Fucidin, of course. 
  • The W&A Cream Gel is perfect for oily skin. I thought I would get breakouts but it gets absorbed in a snap I love it. No residue whatsoever.
  • I was advised to have a Facial after 2 weeks of wart removal.
  • Check out It Figures Wart Removal (Neck Area)
Wilson & Ayache
Lower Ground, Legaspi Park View Building
134 Legaspi St. corner C. Palanca St.
Makati City
Tel: (02) 846.6725

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