Monday, December 9, 2013

Tokyo Cafe

This is the revamped version of Tokyo Cafe interiors. I would say it's more sensible that the previous, which had wooden divisions everywhere.
The new interiors looks more lined with Japanese shapes and colors. The clean light wood, bamboo-like wall silhouette, and softer lighting transformed the cafe into a much enjoyable 
 Tokyo Cafe's Mandaluyong branch is connected to Go Hotels. They serve breakfast options for guests, and also acknowledge discount vouchers from Go Hotels.
 Tokyo Caesar Salad: Php148
Katsu Curry set: Php260+
Corn Soup: Php92
Emerald Decaf: Php89
Gosh forgot what this is.. sorry. The sauce is good, the meat is ok.
Clubhouse Sandwich: Php215
Choco Banana Parfait: Php121
Caramel Vienna: Php131
Margherita Pizza: Php228
Squash Soup: around Php90
Iced Lemon Tea: Php71
Seafood Carbonara: Php250 more or less
Croque Monsieur: Php147
Mango Manila Crepe: Php115

  • I love this new Tokyo Cafe. The first time I ate here I had their Gambas Al Ajillo and a stomachache after.. hehehe.. But it wasn't their fault. I have a glutton problem I'm trying to contain.
  • Now we enjoy coming here to try their different offerings.
  • They've updated their Menu and some items here may not be available anymore, also their prices have hiked up. Expect 50-100 mark up.
  • Verdict: Mildly recommended!
Tokyo Cafe
GF South Wing, SM Mall of Asia
Tel. Nos.: 556.0517/ 556.0699

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