It Figures Facial & Slimming Salon

It Figures Facial & Slimming Salon, Ortigas:
It Figures' clinic is at the ground floor of Emerald Tower, which also houses several beauty and medical clinics.
The receiving area is simple yet clean. The green paint is stark, as it contrasts with some orangey-red walls. Attendants are very friendly. Sometimes they will try to up-sell you their products and add-on services, but not to the point of really pushing you to get it.
Some private 'room's behind each curtain depending on the service.
Half of their clinic is on the 2nd floor. So after getting your details, guests often take the stairs to 2nd level to have their treatments there.
Rows of private areas for customers
It's actually pretty nice here, like a spa. There's relaxing music and some soft lights.
I took their Facial + pricking + Diamond Peel combo for a discount. I got it from Ensogo (around Php1300 for 5 sessions). Depending on the attendant, the service I got ranged from good to really good to underwhelming.
Regular rate for Facial Cleaning w/ Pricking and Diamond Peel w/ Dermabrasion: Php800
They clean the face first, put some cream or something, smoke it for 15minutes, then pricking, and lastly the diamond peel. You can basically rate if your attendant is good depending on how thorough she is with pricking and the diamond peel.
It Figures Makati Ave-Jupiter branch is on the 3rd level. Below is Mang Inasal so that's the landmark. Entrance is at the back of Makati Ave, facing BPI and Korean resto. They have cheap rates for wart removal and I tried it for my neck only. Wart Removal: Php800/area
The attendant I got was confident enough, but I was glad she only did my neck. Her cauterization left huge marks, like 3x bigger than the actual wart size. So that was kinda lame.
After assessing my case, it looked like I caught some warts when I lived with my cousin who has a lot of it, since warts are contagious. Anyway, the attendant cleaned my neck with a sponge, then put some numbing cream. She missed some warts with the cream so when they got burned I jolted a little. Tolerable. After cauterization, an antibacterial cream, then off I went.
I still have an antibacterial cream (from Wilson & Ayache) so they only advised me to get the Hydrocortisone cream for around Php300. It's for when the marks itch and they promised it definitely would. But it never did. So I never got to use it.
Photo: Right After the treatment and 6 days later.
Since it's only on the neck, I didn't mind it too much eventhough it looked like something religiously gnawed at it, with large scar marks everywhere. Kinda gross haha! Was practically gone in about 10 days, although, supposedly it should only take 4-5 days to clear up.
The attendants at their Makati Branch were also really accommodating and nice. Take note also that it's a long hike up the stairs, no elevator. Check other services and prices from their site - It Figures Pricelist
It Figures Facial & Slimming Salon
G/F Grand Emerald Tower
F. Ortigas Jr. corner Garnet Rd.
Tel: (02) 632-9366 / 0917-819-8000

It Figures Makati Branch:
Villa Development Bldg. 
Jupiter St. corner Makati Ave.
Tel: (02) 804-3781 / 0917-6880195

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