Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lucky Chinatown Mall Parking

Lucky Chinatown Mall Parking, Binondo

This is not a review but more of a rant. I apologize in advance but HoLY Sh!%#$@T the parking fee is F%&Ck^%&G outrageous!

We decided to drive around this part of town. We normally don't loiter at Binondo or nearby downtown areas. I usually just commute to get here as it's more convenient, with the herd of people and all.
From the darkening corners of Chinatown side streets rose this new polished mall, across old buildings, in the middle of peddlers and street stalls. Cars line up twice just to get a parking spot. We had no idea how much the parking would cost though.
Unfortunately, this pretty sight was hampered by the temporary roof tents of food stalls underneath. There was an event of some sort and we couldn't bask in the Chinatown Walk to enjoy the hanging lights and Portuguese facade. It looks just like a part of Macau.
We paid Php110 for 5hours and a few minutes of parking. It was Php50 for first 3hours and Php20 for every hour after. OMFG! WTF! This is the most expensive parking lot ever. I would never ever park here ever again. My dad was shocked! I thought it was Php60 flat rate, which was still more pricey than the norm. But damn!
Anyway, sorry for the rant folks! 

  • The mall itself is not too big, but clean and has that fresh-feel to it.
  • The parking area is actually ok. Headroom is high enough, although there are no sensors on top of each slot (red or green) to indicate if it's available. There's an air-conditioned waiting room for drivers with TV.
  • The only thing I hated was the astronomical parking fee. Whatever their reason may be, (we don't mean greed, materialism, selfishness, etc..) it's the management's decision. Suck it up and pay, or just choose a different mall.

The Lucky Chinatown Mall Cinema is better than most. It has red, thick, roomy seats per person. We paid Php240 each with 1 complimentary choice of (1) popcorn, (2) hotdog sandwich, (3) siopao, or (4) beverage. We still bought drinks because we chose the hotdog. Tickets with no food is NOT an option. Senior citizen paid around Php200 (with food).

It is a little similar to what we experienced a couple of years ago in Robinsons Malate, where we had to pay for tickets + complimentary food, including a boxed cereal LOL! Why would I eat cereal inside the theatres? I've got no milk, bowl, spoon, table, and morning light!

Robinsons used to implement the ticket + food ruling years ago, but not anymore (since my last visit)
Ticket came with a tub of popcorn and Milo choco cereal

Anyway I know other Cinemas do this, but it's just awful. We can buy our own food, theatres!
In Resorts World, they gave us popcorn (came with the ticket), Php350 for a 3D movie. But they have this huge-ass red seats that bend like beds, made me wish I bought my blanket too.


  1. They just increased their parking fee to Php100.00 for the first 3 hrs and Php50.00 for each succeeding hrs just for Oct. 1, 2015 to Dec.25, 2015. Grabe ang pagkagahaman ng management ng mall na to.

    1. Wow. I didn't know that. Haven't been back there since. Siguro if nka jeep ako I'll visit again. Too bad they have to charge so high esp during holidays.


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