Karada: Japanese Massage Therapy

Karada: Japanese Massage Therapy, New Glorietta 
Karada is the newest massage craze, stepping up from plain relaxation to a body-twisting health choice. Karada is a Japanese massage therapy aiming to align our body atlas and pelvis, resulting to better posture, blood circulation, and an overall relief of daily stress.
I made a reservation, as it's a must especially on weekends, because their branches are often full. The receiving area has this clean, serene feeling, and adopts soft, neutral colors.
You will be asked to change into loose pants (foot therapy), or shirt + pants (body massage). There's only 1 comfort room slash changing room.
There are no rooms here, just low divisions made with natural materials. It was my first visit to Karada, so my masseuse explained literally everything. From the Karada concept, to the positive effects of their treatments on every body part. She even identified my 'short leg' (it's my right leg lol).
A basket will accompany you to the comfort room where you can place your personal items, and it will be under your bed the whole time of your treatment.
I had the Foot Treatment (45mins): Php545
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  • My whole, first time experience was certainly different. It was fun and a little non-relaxing, listening to a bit of a lecture. But I surely learned a lot, and it's interesting how it all makes sense (circulation, posture, balance, etc), and I'm obviously in need of their body balancing, possibly chakra-aligning services.
  • If you're a regular, there won't be extensive explanations anymore. My masseuse also informed me that they're all capable of a relaxing massage (spa-style), but they all do the therapeutic massage for best benefits. They're all Karada-certified, which is a different discipline from our usual Spa masseuses.
  • I did appreciate the after-effects. It's like, you suffer mildly during the massage, and be completely refreshed after. 
  •  Will try again? Yes, as it turns out, the more treatments, the less it will hurt in the long run. So I wanna get to that level of pure bliss and less pain.
3F New Glorietta, Makati City
Tel: +632 - 5538731
(Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 9pm)
(Friday to Saturday: 10am to 10pm)


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