Jack's Loft

Jack's Loft, Robinsons Malate

Located halfway indoors and outdoors at Robinsons Malate's new Midtown wing, Jack's Loft is a cozy cove, partly hidden from common strollers, yet luxuriously overlooking nearby city views.
The irregularly shaped area offers very rich, flavorful fusion dishes. If you can score the limited red couch seats inside, the better. Within the mall corridor (outside Jack's Loft) are about 2-3 more tables. And the outdoors-slash-smoking area has numerous tables and chairs (non-aircon).
The ambiance is a little classy and relaxed. Servers will not hound you or stare endlessly. I'm not sure which dish to recommend as those we tried were all very good! (especially the lasagna and baked potato soup!). I should say you can never go wrong with Jack's Loft.
Meat Lasagna: Php268
Adobo Flakes on Rice: Php148
Salpicao: Php238
Mashed Potato: Php45
Baked Potato Soup: Php98
Cream of Squash: Php98
Grilled fish with mashed potato / Iced Tea: Php80

Jack's Cheese Fries: Php150
Chicken Pot Pie: Php199
It's a fake pot pie, but less messy and very tasteful!
Jack's Loft
2/Lvl. Robinsons Place Manila
Pedro Gil cor. Adriatico St, Ermita
Tel: (02)567-2023

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