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Da Vinci's Workshop at Mall of Asia

Da Vinci's Workshop, Mall of Asia:
Da Vinci's Workshop
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I came here just to kill time. I thought it might be interesting. And I came out learning more than I was prepared for. It's definitely worth knowing the awesome Da Vinci and the significance of his works in modern times.
The MoA exhibit hall was spacious and elegantly lighted.
Popular pieces like this Vitruvian Man, was said to be a precise replica from the original in  Italy.
Flying machine prototypes and functional wheel barrel
This area displays the paintings. There are sofas and was very chilly.

Vitruvian Man
Mona Lisa
The Last Supper
Suspected to Da Vinci's self-portrait
All these items were invented by Da Vinci. Some were finished, others tested, most of them existed only in paper as drawing plans and designs.
Pulley. The concept is still being used today.
Diving attire. This was tested and worked, but only depends on how long the air tube can go.
Row boat
Paragliding of some sort
Another flying contraption
I never realized how super smart Da Vinci was. He was so much known for Mona Lisa, as a painter, and not much else.
The tour guide said that Da Vinci would often change something in his plan/designs so they won't work, in case the person who commissioned the piece betrays him. Kings, generals, and powerful people in his time ask Da Vinci to make war machines for them. And most of them didn't work because of the flaws he added. It's a way of protecting his works.
City design that Da Vinci envisioned. In early times, there weren't many upper floors. The idea of building multiple floors was new.

One of the war machines
Infinite mirror
  • I was highly amused and not bored at all. Very fascinating how broad a mind can stretch, as Da Vinci's imagination traveled that far, even without modern influences.
  • Recommended? Yes please. It'll crank your IQ up 10 notches.
Da Vinci's Workshop
2nd Level, Entertainment Hall
Mall of Asia

Tel: (02) 556 2193
Exhibit until January 2014

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