Monday, November 11, 2013

Cyma Greek Taverna

Cyma Greek Taverna, Robinsons Manila
Greek Restaurant Cyma made its name when it started years ago in Boracay. It's one of the must-eat places on the beach.
Here in the city, people continue to flock on their Greek and Mediterranean offerings, which I admit, have pretty interesting flavors.
OPA! Subdued lighting with the custom blue accent and yellow tavern drop lamps
Although the glass walls allow you to see the mall outside and lose half the Greek feel and ambiance, the quiet interiors are still relaxing and pleasant.
Framed photo of Athens on the wall
Salt & pepper shakers and some vinegar perhaps
Tissue and table setting
Newest offering at the moment, Lunch Platters that go for Php350
Mashed Potato / Potato au Gratin
Hirine Brizola Platter: Php350

Grilled Pork Chops served with Dolmadakia, Greek salad and Iced Tea
Greek Onion Soup: Php195
Horiatiki Salat: Php250
French bread
Spinach Rice
Grilled Mahi-Mahi: Php230
Pistachio Ice Cream: Php145
  • Please do try the Dolmadakia from their Platters. I double dare you all!
  • For the mashed potato, I forgot how much this was, but my mom totally loved it! She said it's one of the best potato dishes she's had. It probably wasn't on the menu coz my mom loved ordering mashed potatoes everywhere she goes.
  • Flavor-wise, I love the taste of their dishes. Serving size is obviously too big for one slim person. This particular branch is perhaps not the best in terms of interiors or design. Try their Greenbelt branch for a more immersing Cyma experience.

2nd Level, Robinsons Place Manila
Tel: (02) 354-3909

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