Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery, Mall of Asia:
Cold Stone Creamery follows Swensen's footsteps and opens an ice cream shoppe in Mall of Asia.
The red-and-black combo strikes patrons for a cup of cold ones.
The open area reserves one wall to the product and attendants. If it's your birthday expect the staff to burst in a song of some sort to cheer you up.
Cone sizes, add-on toppings, ice cream flavors, ice cream cakes, and beverage.
Pick your chosen combo and line up to pay.
There are ample seats for dine-in customers, but most take carry out.
A wall ledge and stool chairs for quick ice cream fix.
Founder's Favorite: Php180 (Like It size - Signature Flavor)
Strawberry Banana Rendezvous: Php180 (Like It size - Signature Flavor)
Prices range from Php95 (cone) to Php1200 (tub). But the cup size worth Php168 or Php180 would probably be enough. I love their flavors, albeit a little too sweet for me, but it's solid and will last you a good long minutes to chow.

Signature Ice Cream Flavors (Photo from Cold Stone Creamery Facebook Page):

Serving Size and Prices for Ice Cream Scoop / Create-Your-Own / Signature:
Lick It: Php95
Like It: Php145 / Php168 / Php180
Love It: Php165 / Php188 / Php200
Gotta Have It: Php185 / Php208 / Php220
Mine: Php365 / Php388 / Php400
Ours: Php765 / Phpp788 / Php800
Everybody's: Php1165 / Php1188 / Php1200

Cold Stone Creamery
Mall of Asia

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