VASK Modern Tapas & Gastronomic Cuisine

VASK Modern Tapas and Gastronomic Cuisine, Fort Bonifacio:
Vask is the newest gourmet hot spot. They have degustation dining, an alfresco after-dinner lounge area, and a menu packed with impressively scientific-sounding cuisines.
Darth Vader welcomes guests as they exit the elevator.
Dining area facing the bar has white chairs and glass table tops. Turned down glasses and utensils are ready for patrons. I don't exactly support their 'turning on all the lights' even during daytime. Natural sunlight from outside is blinding as it is.
The bar is a large marble block, handsomely complimenting the black, white and gold tones of the restaurant.
Matte silver bar stools
This would be the general dining area. Lower tables and black cushion chairs match the black Hidden Mickeys on the ceiling. Droplights all around. I'm certain the place is more whimsy-slash-classy by night.
Lunch at Vask requires no reservation as there's probably a free table for any walk-ins. Still, modest amount of diners come for lunch. Dinner-time is more packed, so reserve days in advance.
During daytime, some outdoor lounge chairs are covered and obviously not advisable for lounging. But if you must...
Quirky details make the place less frosty and more modern.
The comfort room is outside the dining area, just next to Darth Vader.
Outdoor lounge area overlooks Global City.
When the sun is down, Vask provides pillows to these lounges and candles and music.

Vask lounge area
Seesaw utensils. I must ride.
(Giant spoon is not a catapult)
These view can also be seen from the main dining area thru the glass walls.
Chef J. Luis of Vask
Vask heavy utensils
Complimentary soup
Sous vide tuna: Php95
Jamon + Parmesan Mousse: Php95
Salmon and crab tartare: Php95
Fresh Orange Juice: Php160
Iced Tea with Mango: Php120
Huevos, Hongos y Cebolla: Php390
Scallops and Black Ink Risotto: Php545
Beef Cheeks: Php610
Leche Frita: Php210
  • Service is hands-down impeccable. The pintxos (tapas) were great, crunchy and flavorful. 
  • With the Beef Cheeks (formerly kurobuta cheeks), I was a little disappointed. It was the most expensive dish we ordered, but I could loosely compare it to a really good caldereta or something similar, sorry.
  • Scallop and Black Ink Risotto is one of Vask's best sellers, and I highly recommend it. The taste of several ingredients mix perfectly with each bite.
  • Huevos, Hongos y Cebolla was a little salty in the end, but I love the fusion of flavors. The server instructed us not to mix it and just scoop a little bit of everything in one spoonful.
  • We had Leche Frita for dessert because Torrija was not available. The ice cream was creamy and delightful, and my mom loved the milk ala-french-toast triangles.
  • Parking is free on the 2nd and 3rd level. The building is still sort of 'on-going', but it's all good and organized. An elevator takes guests to Vask at 5th floor.
  • If you're commuting, no jeepney routes pass here, so take a cab instead.
  • Recommended? If you're loaded, try every dish. With limited budget? I say save for it. It's worth a visit at least once.
Vask Modern Tapas & Gastronomic Cuisine
11th Avenue corner 39th Street
Bonifacio Global City, 1634 Taguig
Tel: 0915 507 7047

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