Japanese Casual Restaurant Watami

Watami is a pleasant surprise. It's huge, dim, and exudes modern Japanese feel in all of its branches. We love coming to Watami so much, that sometimes I get embarrassed when the staff try to offer me their Bistro card (worth Php2500) and I kept declining over and over.
Endless booths, tables and chairs give guests privacy and space to enjoy their meals. In their MoA branch, there's always a huge chance you could score a seat even during the holidays or crowded hours - because of their large capacity.
The neon red lights and border accent lights set the mood throughout Watami.
Wooden tables and comfy dining chairs in beige
An open kitchen and bar at the far end of the restaurant
Each table gets plain white plates, chopsticks, and condiments
Update: The newly opened Watami Mall of Asia branch. It's vast and roomy, with reflective ceiling, yet solemn and still elegant, even with the harsh sun beams.
Watami MoA has lovely seats that offer privacy per table.
Complimentary house tea
Jar of water
Passionfruit Mango Tea: Php145
Cold Soba with Tempura: Php375
Beef Pepper Rice: Php245
Maccha Anmitsu: Php175
Maccha Parfait: Php195
Chocolate Fondant Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream: Php200
Potato Rice Cake: Php195
Watami Salad (half): Php245
Deep Fried Tofu: Php195
Self-grilled Short Ribs: Php375
Chicken Breast Skewer: Php145
Miso Soup: Php60
Oolong Tea: Php145
Clams Cooked in Stone Pot with Japanese-Style Sauce: Php285
Kiwi Tea: Php145
Maccha Tiramisu: Php155
 Watami Salad (half): Php255
 Assorted Tempura: Php375
 Beef Chuck Eye: Php295
French Fries: Php145

  • We love their maccha ice cream. It was mouth-wetting smooth.
  • The Cold Soba + Tempura were both perfect with the sauce. Serving is for sharing.
  • Servers were friendly and even with the vast area, there were several of them around and one will always be near your table.
  • I will come back for the desserts alone.
  • My ultimate fave is Watami's self-grilled short ribs!! Super succulent and flavorful.  Sadly, it's been discontinued :(
  • I went for the Maccha Tiramisu because I've been looking for anything similar with the matcha tiramisu chocolate I got from Tokyo. In a way, this dessert is halfway there, but the chocolate has almond so it has better crunch.
  • I would recommend the Watami Salad, it's faultless!
  • The clams in stone pot was tasty too.
Watami Philippines
2nd floor, Entertainment Mall, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City
Tel: 02-5117572

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