Bazooka Rocks II

Bazooka Rocks II, SMX:
The Bazooka Rocks II event was a very tame rock'n'roll mosh pit. With the ticket price range of around Php3,000 per head, it wasn't a surprise that a lot of well-off teens and 20-somethings easily go crazy on their fave bands, and still emit an air of decency.
Upon entering, you are asked whether you're 'Below 18' and if you say no, you need to show an ID with your birthdate and they'll give you a green wristband for Free Beers. Except maybe if you look like a grandude already. If you're 18 below, you get a blue wristband.
The awesome band line-up made the high price bearable! There were food carts lined by the wall - hotdogs, shawarma, congee, nachos, etc. Comfort Rooms are clean and maintained. Air-conditioning is felt all throughout.

I noticed a big respect for personal space, which is uncommon to mass-party concerts. Not a lot of pushing and body smashing, but a lot of dancing, jumping, fist-pumping, and screaming. No seats, except on the floor, and about 4 tables with chairs near the food carts (left side of SMX Hall), concert area is on the right.
Meet & Greet area is pretty lame. Band members are seated on a booth counter, as a line of greeters pass across. You can have your shirts, CDs or notes autographed, but must be contained with a selfie-photo with the artists or band members. Plus the bouncers are like hawk-eyes ushering people to move along, but very subtly.
Meet & Greet costs Php800 per band, and about 1 minute of face time with them.
Tonight Alive
I came in late right before Tonight Alive started. They post a 2-minute countdown each time a band is about to come up. People scream each time.
We Came as Romans
This band tore my right ear! They rock so hard I got hungry and I love it.
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
I like their song Damn Regret, but avoided Guardian Angel due to personal reasons (it being a theme song of someone with someone else). Still, it's a popular song and people demanded it. It's nice that I got to listen to them live. I have no more bad blood with any of their songs LOL..!
This is my fave band out of all. Too bad only few from the crowd know their songs. I sang the best I could but to no avail. It seemed the crowd was asleep and was just waiting for All Time Low. But maybe because Red Jumpsuit gave such a hard core performance that everyone was shaken and tired and were re-energizing. Anberlin sounded sooooo great live..!  I hope they still come back.
All Time Low
The headliner was the highlight. Seems like everyone came for ATL. People went batshit crazy, especially the girls. I thought we like the music, not get stalker-ish on the artists. Anyway, one chubby teen chick kept saying 'Alex, sign my tits, use you tongue..' ..hahaha... kids are funny, right?
A Rocket to the Moon
My camera died after a few songs by ARTTM. This is one of their last performances before they disband. Cool songs. Some girls in the middle put up a bunch of banners and the crowd behind started cursing loudly to put down the damn banners. Good thing they took it down, if they didn't, I literally smelled a catfight brewing. Some were already reaching for hair.. hahaha.. not funny? ok.
By the end of it, sleepy parents sit on any flat surface outside the SMX Hall. Cars line up waiting to pick up kids and non-kids. I'd say kudos to the organizers. It was enjoyable, comfortable, food options provided, bouncers everywhere like hulk-nannies minding the trash piles on the floor. The bulked-up bouncers also carry girls who fainted during the All Time Low segment. They weren't violent at all, but were like giant minions littered all over, acting as 3rd-degree parental units.

Verdict: I had a great time! Hope to see you all on the next Bazooka Rocks event!
Please get Relient K and Rise Against next time..!
Bazooka Rocks II
Aug 25, 2013
SMX Convention Center

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