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Tune Hotels Ermita

Tune Hotel in Ermita is an import hotel with franchises all over Asia. I like their precise uniform decor in all their accommodations, from the beddings to the hangers. Red is their motif and fighting color, and it perfectly enhances the whole design.
Located along Mabini Street in the busy Malate District, it's perfectly settled in the middle of the city. But not the kid-friendly part of town. Bars, massage houses, pubs and whatnots are found nearby.
The new and clean look of Tune Hotels. Molly Malone's Irish Pub is this hotel's resident restaurant.
The Irish Pub is roadside, with a few parking slots upfront. There's also building parking available. A hallway on the left leads to the hotel's entrance (at the very end, passing by 7-Eleven Store).
Breakfast Set Menu for Php199 each @ Molly Malone's Irish Pub.
Depending on your hotel package, some have breakfast included, others do not.
The hotel lobby feels fresh, clean, and modern. The vacant lobby space is convenient for multiple luggage and packs of tourists arriving all at once.
There are waiting lounges, front desk, PC station, security guards and personnel all around the area.
Souvenir Station - For Sale items
There are 3 PCs free to use by hotel guests. Internet connection is fast, but you cannot use your USB on any of the PCs (during our stay). There's free WiFi in the hotel too. Connectivity speed depends on your room location.
Here you can take a photo of yourself from a webcam and email it, embellished with the Tune Hotel border and design.
The elevators work only if you have a hotel room key with you. You have to scan the key to be able to access button functions.
The corridors are shiny, clean, and the monotonous design is design in itself. I like the modern simplicity and mirrored everything.
Standard Double Room with 24H add-on: Php2200Room only: around Php1800
Cozy Package: 24hr A/C + 24hr TV + 24hr Wifi + Towel & Toiletries (PH)
: Php420
The room looks crisp, clean, simple yet decorated only with effective items. The curtain is helpful to cover-up morning sunlight and it matches the headboard's tone. The accent bedside light is subtle but cozy.
There's a mini vault for your valuables. I like that the bed is real-hotel standard. There's a duvet, which is another plus, and two soft large pillows.
Flat wall screen TV with cable channels
Open clothes rack with 5 hangers.
Your hotel key comes with the room's TV remote and a sling bag of complimentary items.
Each bag has a towel, soap, and shampoo
The very luminous and suspiciously see-through bathroom door gives a clear view of your silhouette. Granted you are staying with someone you're very comfortable with, then it won't be a problem.
The shower is simple, yet the shiny tiles, chrome faucet and shower head add sleek splendor.
The toilet comes with a bidet (yey!) and the white counter with deep basin is paired with a chrome faucet. Toilet roll in place, as well as floor towel (initially placed on the toilet).
Molly Malone's Irish Pub during breakfast. It looks exactly like a pub waiting for night time. It's louder and more lively at night. More patrons come drinking, hanging out, and smoking by their outdoor tables.
A mini stage is where a band assembles at night. I'm not sure if there's dancing involved since I only came here for breakfast.
There are flat screen TVs in the restaurant all tuned into Sports channels, usually European matches.
Filipino Breakfast: Php199
There's a 20% discount for hotel guests (dine-in only) when you order breakfast at Molly Malone's. You will be given a discount voucher by the front desk.

  • I seriously like modern hotels. I cannot really call this a boutique hotel, but it's close. 
  • Other Tune Hotels offer selective usage (like use of AC and TV for half day - for half the price), but Tune Hotels Ermita doesn't have that option. You have to opt for the 24Hour add-on.
  • Hands down - it's clean and well-maintained
  • Expect groups of Chinese, Korean, or similar fellow guests at all hours. We got lucky that there's still an available room as the hotel gets fully booked a lot. Make a reservation if possible.
  • There's no room service, and Molly Malone closes around 11PM. But since there is 7-Eleven next door, pretty much any bare necessities are covered.
  • The jeepney route along the street is one way only. So be sure not to get lost when returning to your hotel, as the jeep will be running along the M.H. del Pilar street (parallel to Mabini)
  • Taxis are abundant (at night). Traffic is congested (day time).
  • Safe enough. There's a guard by the pub, the hotel parking, and hotel lobby.
  • Recommended? Well, yes. It's new and functional. If you can't afford some of Manila's top notch hotels in the area (Manila Hotel, Sofitel, Diamond, Midas, etc.), try to be safer and stay at Tune Hotels instead. And resist the less-than-Php1000 pension rooms scattered around Malate/Ermita.There's a reason why they're dirt cheap.

Tune Hotels Ermita
1740 A. Mabini St., Malate
Manila, Philippines

Tel: +63 2 7089888


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