Bahia Coffee Shop, Ormoc

Bahia Coffee Shop, Hotel Don Felipe, Ormoc
Hotel Don Felipe's flagship restaurant offers fine Filipino cuisines, featuring sepia colors and thin metallic furniture in browns.
A glass wall shows the seaside boulevard of Ormoc, near the busy city port and terminals.
Depending on hotel guests and several walk-ins, diners are few come night-time.
The boulevard strip, seen from the restaurant veranda.
Outdoor dining area for smokers and whatnots
I like the signature plates.
Bahia Coffee shop Menu (click to enlarge)
Bahia Coffee shop Menu (click to enlarge)
Calamansi Juice: Php55
Squid: Php235
Sinigang: Php195
Serving size is for sharing. Attendants were pretty silent but attentive. It was Christmas season yet quiet calmness was evident in the surroundings, save for the giant Christmas tree and some trimmings. Must be lively during breakfast, but seems perfect for hangovers.

Bahia Coffee Shop
Hotel Don Felipe
Ormoc, Leyte
Tel: (+6353)561-9621

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  1. You can enjoy coffee with some awesome cuisines. It seems great idea. I will definitely go for this coffee shop what about you?

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak


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