Claude's Le Café de Ville

Claude's Le Café de Ville is one of Davao City's top restaurants, and could possibly be the finest French resto in town.
The old house, smack in the middle of the city, is surrounded with lush flowers and plants. Parking is accommodated. And a winery with dining is established at the ground floor.
I was especially surprised to realize that we have the exact design and lay-out of the house in my grandmother's wooden house in Manila .
The old house is fitted with glass windows, but kept the intricate wooden details. Everything is painted in white, accented by an ornate brown divider and columns.
The converted restaurant used to be the home of one of Davao's early mayors.
The toilets are separated for gents and ladies. I know it's originally a toilet and bath next to each other.
Clean white tiles match the old designs. Modern commode and wash basin offer a fresh feeling, along with small potted plants by the wall and sunlight from the round window.
A stool next to a potted plant, for customer's convenience.
Complimentary bread bun, soft and warm.
The bun came with butter rolls and tomato salsa
Dalandan juice (pot): Php95
Salabat (ginger tea pot): Php60
Pumpkin soup: Php165
Hot Chili Shrimps: Php335
Shrimps came with this bread basket
Tenderloin Pepper Steak 250g: Php895
  •  Taxi drivers are familiar with the location, so there's no problem getting there.
  • Reservation is advised, but walk-ins are accepted. When we dined, only 1 table is occupied, then about 2 more parties came.
  • Taste-wise, everything was worth every hard-ass penny. Flavorful and juicy from the steak to the shrimps. Even the round bread's warmness was filling. The contrasting dips of butter and salsa offer a nice option.
  • Chef and owner Claude is usually around and give small chats per table. 
  • Recommended? Oui...! If you only have a few days in Davao, schedule a lunch or dinner at Claude's for an interesting and satisfying meal.

Claude's Le Cafe De Ville
8000 Davao City, Philippines
Tel: (082) 222 4287

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