Alpa Hotel and Restaurant

Alpa Hotel's rooms are surprisingly roomy. Adopting a classical Filipino design, the wooden bed posts and floors are polished to simple elegance.
Outside, it was a little sad scenario. The hotel looks like an elementary school. Hopefully, they hire a good PR to promote the hotel better, and a designer to boost the exterior.
The small lobby is not too inviting due to the half-blinding light. But come night-time, the couches look comfy.
Alpa Hotel is a like a big letter H, with the reception area in the middle. Jeepney routes pass along both the front and back side entrances of the hotel.
Alpa Hotel Room rates and Massage prices. An accommodating front desk personnel will greet clients upon entry. No deposit charge imposed. Guests are advised to call the concierge 20-minutes before checking out.
Open corridors, convenient for smokers.
Night-time look of the corridor. Do not think creepy grade school.
Deluxe Junior Single Room: Php1600 per night
The room was huge, with complete amenities and all. I only hope they change the curtains to something thicker. Morning sun seeps through your lids even before waking up.
The mini counter with lavatory is unique and much appreciated. There's no basin in the bathroom so that's probably why. Closet is also decent, with 4-5 hangers in place.
Dining area, with two glasses on top.
Huge, and obviously non-designed bathroom. Water heater, no bidet, no pail, but there's a dipper. Good water supply.
Personalized mini soaps, toilet paper roll, and complimentary towels.
Pool seems nice, but I don't see many guests. Perhaps everyone's hiding in their rooms and having room service.
The pool area is connected to the restaurant, and guests can dine pool side.
The back side of the hotel looks similar from the front side. Parking slots are available here.
The hotel's restaurant is little stark, must be the lights. I wanna change their bulbs to soft lights.
The many tables of the resto looks inviting, and while eating alone, not necessarily sad, but intrigued why there aren't an overflowing of guests. Alpa Hotel is a great deal!
The place seems spotless and linens and chair coverings look clean enough. Their air-conditioning works fast on cooling the place.
The restaurant Menu and Alpa Hotel Room Service Menu is one and the same. (click to enlarge)
Cottage Chicken Sandwich: Php70
Calamansi Juice: Php55
Fish Medallion with Shrimp Tower (with soup and iced tea): Php165
Pancit canton, Lumpiang shanghai, iced tea (combo): Php185
Fish fillet in water spinach sauce (with soup and iced tea): Php165
Chicken Cordon Bleu (with soup and iced tea): Php165
Special order- Tocino with scrambled egg, rice, and fruit banana
(forgot the price, but more or less same with their breakfast meals)
  • Getting there: Take any jeep with route "Capitol - Hospital". It will pass by the hotel's front entry. 
  • Going to SM Batangas is also a ride away from Alpa Hotel's gates. And going back from SM, it will pass by the hotel's back gates.
  • Free WiFi is efficiently working from our room. 
  • The room's phone is a direct line only to the front desk. Lift the receiver up and it automatically dials reception.
  •  Overall, attendants clean the vicinity at all times. Hopefully they can organize or toss out some unwanted materials lying around the compound. It makes the hotel look unfinished.
  • Guards are on site 24/7. 
  • Tricycles are familiar with the hotel, and they could charge up to Php50 to and from SM City when it's late and no more jeepneys around.
  • Recommended? If you plan on skipping Days, Microtel, or Pontefino, then yes! Alpa Hotel is a budget lodge well worth your money.

Alpa Hotel and Restaurant
Batangas City
Tel: +63 43-7231025


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