Viewsite Restaurant

Viewsite Restaurant, Tagaytay:
Viewsite Restaurant is one of the bigger, overlooking-the-ridge restaurants along the Tagaytay strip.
It has ample parking space, and native-designed theme. The windows are capiz and wood.
Clean outdoors, some potted plants add color to the place.
Interiors continue with the native theme. Trees are incorporated inside as columns. Lantern lamps hang by each post.
Seats near the ridge are the most comfy. They have orange back rests.
It was pretty deserted when we came. It was lunch and a weekday. The reflecting floors are good signs that they keep the place clean.
Expect a trio of guitar-playing singers to serenade you while you eat. They will automatically strike a tune as soon as they catch you having your meal. We gave them Php100. Anyway their oldies melodies almost gave me a headache, but my Dad even requested a song, so.. there you go.
Pre-set tables with plates, mini bowls, mats.
It's almost blinding bright along these hours, but the view and breeze is worth it. Just don't inhale the random flies sneaking on the dishes.
No matter how many times you see Taal Volcano, it's always appreciated.
Condiments and napkins
Viewsite Restaurant Menu 1
Viewsite Restaurant Menu 2
Bulalo Soup: Php80
Ampalaya con Karne: Php175
Ginataang Sitaw, Kalabasa and Hipon: Php200
* Prices are borderline cheap. The Bulalo Soup was so worth it. It's a large bowl with few meat chunks.
* Serving sizes are standard for 2 pax.
* There are a few flies around, but it would be acceptable, given that it's open-dining. Still, no too much to actually bother.
* Servers are decent and attentive.
* Recommended? I would say that Viewsite is also deserving of your visit, after you've checked out Firelake Grill, or Buon Giorno from the Cliffhouse, Bag of Beans, or even Sonya's perhaps.... ?

Viewsite Restaurant
Mendez Crossing East, 4120 Tagaytay City

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